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Introducing our innovative Scope range

Compact Lighting designs, manufactures and supplies professional lighting solutions for Retail, Hospitality and Display applications. The experience gained from our dedicated focus in these market segments over many years has provided the necessary insights and understanding required to solve the numerous challenges presented by our clients.

As a subsidiary of the F W Thorpe Group we have built a reputation for innovative design, and a leading manufacturer of advanced lighting systems. Our ongoing commitment to work at the cutting edge of new technology means we are well placed to support our customers achieve optimised solutions appropriate for their application.

Working with industry professionals our ultimate aim is to develop holistic proposals with an ethos of sustainable lifetime costing, through improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, and ease of installation, whilst providing optimal levels of illumination and enhanced brand value for the retailer.

With these objectives in mind we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new family of luminaires to our portfolio. Scope satisfies many of our guiding principles, offering a versatile and flexible solution for the most discerning application needs. This stylish luminaire offers minimalist design with clean elegant lines, utilising a combination of technologies enabling a wide range of lighting effects.

LED adoption in the Retail sector continues to accelerate and this high performance luminaire has been designed specifically for LED spotlight module technology and is available in options up to 4,000 lumens. Scope is a versatile accent luminaire that allows the user to adjust the product from a fully – flush "recessed downlight" position through to a fully dropped "spotlight". Allowing a wide range of tilt and angular movement it is possible to illuminate most aspects of a retail interior. Solutions are also available in surface mounted and track mounted variations with a range of in-house designed optics to offer increased flexibility in creating the desired visual effect and ambience.

Compact Lighting also recognises that lamp manufacturers continue to invest and enhance their core range of Ceramic Metal Halide systems, which can offer improvements such as greater beam intensity, increased lumen output, longer life, and excellent colour quality Scope is designed to accommodate both options providing  flexibility of choice for customers.