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Case Studies

To give you an insight into the many projects we have completed, we have produced a number of case studies displaying our lighting solutions in application combined with customer testimonials and an explanation of the products.



Desso case study

Desso, a world leader in commercial carpets and flooring, tasked us to provide lighting solutions for their showroom in Clerkenwell, London. For this project, we also worked with partner manufacturers, including Philips, Form, Nomique Seating, Egger and Fusion to help provide a modern multi-functional space showcasing all the partners' products.



Burger King

Burger King, a global chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants utilised some of our lighting solutions in their UK outlets.



Sky Media

Sky Case Study

Sky Media tasked us with the challenge of providing the lighting solutions in their corporate refurbishment. The key aim was to add impact and drama to the main reception area of their London office.